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We all have a fundamental need to be in loving and caring relationships. When relationships are emotionally attuned, consistent, and predictable it leads us to feeling safe and secure. 


In the case of children and youth who present with a history of developmental trauma, early relational experiences may have led them to dismiss the importance of relationships, or worse yet, fear them. Drawing from research in the fields of attachment, trauma, child development, and neuroscience, we now know that when a young person's relational needs have gone unmet, it places them at increased risk for emotional, behavioural, relational, educational, and legal problems.  


In work with traumatized children and youth,  service providers can find themselves feeling confused and stumped, often left wondering, "What can I do to make a difference?"   


Rupert Consulting is available to support and guide service providers in customizing evidence-based, attachment focused interventions that meet the needs of traumatized children and youth.  

How can Rupert Consulting help? The answer is just a click away.  Here's a hint ... It starts with the "Hands".

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