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Rupert Consulting is passionate about helping service providers realize and delight in the vital role they play in making a difference in the lives of children and youth.   


Rupert Consulting provides evidenced-based attachment training, clinical case consultation, supervision, and coaching to practitioners working with traumatized children and youth in a variety of settings including children's mental health, child welfare, youth justice, education and health care.

Endorsed by Dr. Bob Marvin, Director of the The Circle of Security Network, we specialize in providing training and support to service providers in the use of the Circle of Security to enhance emotional, behavioural, and relationship functioning for children healing from relational trauma.

Our primary goal is to enhance service providers' knowledge, ability, and feelings of confidence in their work strengthening attachment-caregiving relationships with vulnerable children and their caregivers.

Please note that services provided by Rupert Consulting are derived from academic and evidenced-based clinical research with children and families, and are not affiliated in any way with coercive or “holding” therapies.

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