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Developed in collaboration with Dr. Bob Marvin, Director of the Circle of Security Network, this 5-day workshop is based on the Circle of Security  and is for clinicians and researchers interested or involved in evidence-based assessment of the relationships between children and their caregivers. The goal of this workshop is to train professionals in standardized observation and coding of attachment/caregiving patterns using the Circle of Security  as a map. The results of this observation method can directly be used as concrete goals for treatment and for ongoing assessment of treatment outcomes.

This coding system focuses on interactions in the following areas: patterns of child attachment to the caregiver, patterns of caregiver behavior in response to the child’s attachment behavior, including the caregiver’s ability to soothe and organize the child’s emotions and behavior, and support the child’s exploration, learning, and competence.

Participants will:

  • Review videos of separation-reunion procedures (Strange Situations) between parents and children ranging in age from 1 year to 14 years of age.

  • Learn how to observe, describe and code child-parent interactions relevant to attachment, exploration, behavior management and emotion-regulation.

  • Practice using the Circle of Security  as a developmental map for identifying attachment-caregiving patterns and for developing concrete treatment goals.

  • Upon completion of the training, participants have the option to pursue certification in observation/coding reliability.  Participants will be provided with a series of practice videos to be completed in preparation for taking the certification test. The certification test involves coding 20 Strange Situations and requires a minimum score of 80% correct.

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